Krijn De Koning

Volumes and Voids

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  • From 2nd June to 23th September 2018
    At LiFE
    Opening on the 1st June 2018 at 6pm30

The Dutch artist Krijn de Koning fills the monumental space of the LiFE with a labyrinthine sculpture that upends classic interior – exterior perception. Like an inside-out architectural skin, his life-size sculpture offers up a journey that multiplies sensations and spatial situations. A universe in itself, where colour is used everywhere to accentuate the intimate and jubilatory experience of the space, blurring the border between reality and fiction, and keeping at a distance the authoritarian character of the building that houses this singular experience.


Volumes and Voids, 2018
painted wood, variable dimensions
Production LiFE, ville de Saint-Nazaire, outdoor programmating of Le Grand Café, contemporary art centre.


Krijn de Koning was born in 1961 in Amsterdam, where he is still working and living.

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