Pedro Cabrita Reis

Les heures oubliées

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  • Exhibition from July 3rd to October 10th, 2004

From the third of July to the 10th of October 2004, the « Grand Café » in Saint-Nazaire dedicates an important exhibition to the Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis. Very active on the international scene of these last years (Venice Biennale 2003, BALTIC Art Center, Gateshead 2002, Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona 2002), Pedro Cabrita Reis has nevertheless little exhibited in France.In the 1980’s, he carries out assembly sculptures that take shape of furniture-objects: tables, wardrobes. Progressively, his work gives up the interior space of the house to take over the signs and the materials of architecture. More monumental, his works assemble industrial construction materials (wood, glass, bricks, plaster…) with a minimum amount of means, in this way revealing the whole meaning of the very act of building. For him, architecture replaced nature which used to act as a system of landmark and of measurement.

In his work, the House and the City are metaphors to think the contemporary world which is given to us by fragments. Within the obvious chaos of reality, Pedro Cabrita Reis seems to track down the order hidden, the signs of a human presence, a thought, a rationality. His art works balanced between the building site and the ruin, between power and fragility, between the greatness of intention and the coarseness of every material achievement. For the different spaces of the Grand Café, Pedro Cabrita Reis conceived two specific projects. With “Les heures oubliées”, the artist proposes a journey in the Grand Café’s inferior space. This project is an invitation to meditation of the time that is passing by, of the memory and seizure of the present time.

At the crossing of drawing, painting and installation, the artist’s intervention on the floor’s walls invites the visitor to go through and gaze at a mental landscape. “Une ligne entre le haut et le bas” composes a floating and elusive horizon created by neon lighting. Through these two proposals, Pedro Cabrita Reis offers an intimate experience of space, marked by mystery and silence. 


Les heures oubliées, 2004
Site-specific installation, brick, cement, electrical cables and neons
Variable dimensions

Une ligne entre le haut et le bas, 2004
Site-specific installation, acrylic paint, aluminum supports, neons and electric cables
Variable dimensions


  • Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1956.
  • Lives and works in Lisbon.


- Pedro Cabrita Reis, Haunch of Venison, London, England
- Wherever you are, wherever you go, Base, Florence, Italy
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- Stillness, Camden Arts Centre, London, England
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- Les heures oubliées, Le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire, France
- True Gardens #3, Frac Bourgogne, Dijon, France


- Pedro Cabrita Reis, objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp, Belgium
- Pedro Cabrita Reis, portuguese pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy

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