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  • Exhibition from january 29th to march 20th 2005.

Although she has been using film since 1995, Lidwien van de Ven (Netherlands) is above all a photographer. Since 1985 she has been developing a meditation on the meaning of the image. After having notably photographed buildings that bear witness to major historical changes, such as the Reichstag or the Berlin Olympic stadium, she has now turned to the themes of politics and religion and their re-creation in images by the press.

Above all, she asks questions about the unseen in events covered by the media.She therefore travels the world and frequently occupies the same sites of investigation as journalists, where she explores questions of representation, of the mechanics of image perception, of what is visible or invisible. However, the images that she makes do not obey the rules of photojournalism (the search for the spectacular, the immediate perception of that which is represented ...). Hand printed in large format black and white, her images often record that which is outside the frame of news stories, keeping to the margins of events and engaging the viewer in a slow motion reading. 

The Grand Café exhibition shows recent images made in the Middle East and in Europe, which relate to contemporary politics and religion. Whether presented as “paintings” or as urban billboard posters, Lidwien van de Ven's images do not strictly-speaking suggest a counter-report. They carefully investigate the frontier between reality and representation, image and language, news and contemporary history, while leaving whole the enigma of the visible.


Amman, 2005
silver film on paper

Nanterre, 7 november 2004, 2005
silver film on paper

Untitled, 2005
black painting
200 x 250 cm

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Amsterdam 2000, 2005
260 x 360 cm

Vienna, 21 february 2000, 2005
210 x 250 cm

Synagogue Anderlecht, 2005
210 x 260 cm

Night in the Desert, 2002, 2005
170 x 230 cm


Untitled (Iran), 2001
video, 12'

NATO, Brussels, 10 april 1999, 2000
silver film on paper

Vienna, Islamic Center, 21 february 2000, 2000
silver film on paper

Promised Land / Palestine, 2004
silver film on paper
8 x 100 x 125 cm


A poster has been realised in the frame of the show
Édition Le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire, 2005


Born in 1963 in Hulst, NL.
Lives and works in Rotterdam, NL.


- Le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire


- Fragilite / Fragiliteit, Galerie Cartwright, Genf, belgium
- 8th International Photography Gathering, Le Pont Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
- Paysages invisibles, Musée départemental d'art contemporain de Rochechouart, France


- Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, NL
- Lidwien van de Ven, Magasin, Centre national d'art contemporain, Grenoble, France
- Oog in oog. Portretten van Rotterdammers, with Tamar de Kemp, Historisch Museum Rotterdam, NL
- Now / Maintenant, Mois de la Photo, Montréal, Canada
- InNatura, X Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia, Turin, Italy

Lidwien van de Ven is represented by Paul Andriesse gallery, Amsterdam, NL

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