Leandro Erlich

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  • Exhibition from april 10th to June 5th 2005 

Leandro Erlich makes installations in which the components of architecture are used to create a space for fiction perception. His works, like small theatres, set the stage for a show which would be that of reality (de)construction. They recreate familiar house interiors and objects - a lounge, a dance room, a swimming pool, an elevator cabin..- whose material existence is questioned, especially by the use of a trompe l'oeil device in which real and fake mirrors split, divide and finally invert the space. In this game of illusions, inversions and reflexions, visitors are invited to undergo the weird experience of their own presence or vanishing, and to go beyond the fascination for the optical phenomenon in order to explore a psychological reality. 

Therefore, since reality is a construction and works like a picture, it becomes a matter of interpretation. Each individual perceives the world in their own way, acting as a result on the picture. To Leandro Erlich, looking means opening an infinite space of reality interpretation.

The exhibition shows for the first time in France several works of Leandro Erlich, some of which were created especially for the occasion.  


La place, 2005

Les Portes, 2005

Le cabinet de psychanalyste, 2005


Leandro ERLICH, Argentina and France in 2005


  • Born in 1973 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Lives and works in Buenos Aires and in Paris.


- MACRO Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Roma, Italy
- Artes Mundi Prize Exhibition, National Museum Cardiff, UK
- Notre Histoire, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France


- Albion Gallery London, UK
- Galeria de arte Nogueras-Blanchard, Barcelona, Spain
- Grand Café, Saint Nazaire, France
- The Plain of Heaven, Creative Time, New York, USA
- OffShore, Prix Ricard, Espace Paul Ricard, Paris, France
- 51ème Biennale de Venise 2005, Padiglione, Italy


- Centre d'art Santa Monica. Barcelona, Spain

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