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Little Lights

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  • Exposition from july 2nd to October 2nd 2005 

Based in Sao Paulo, artist Jac Leirner is one of the most emblematic figures of the Brazilian art scene in the last fifteen years. Most of the time, she creates sophisticated abstract compositions made out of our society of consumption's rejected items. She collects cigarettes packets, plane tickets, envelopes, leaflets, stickers and museum shops' plastic bags, all of which she then turns into artworks, thanks to a patient work of filing and installation. She often finds her materials during the frantic duration of her journeys; what comes out of it reflects her enduring interest in visual design and in the ways business and culture interact.

Out of this flow of information and objects, Jac Leirner discloses a refined formal language, which makes her an heir of Brazil's historic modern art. Her rigorous handling of shape and colour evidently comes out of the rationalism of Brazilian geometric abstraction of the Fifties. Jac Leirner's oeuvre is also influenced by a movement within the early 1960's Brazilian art, which tends to come back to using common materials and experiments with more fluid ideas about time, space and form.

Jac Leirner's propositions, systematically driven through by these various currents, are an attempt to reveal that which, in the middle of scattered mass information, remains extraordinary, rare, unique, personal. Jac Leirner invests the whole of Le Grand Café building for her exhibition, with a site-specific installation.  

Projet réalised in the frame of "Brésil, Brésils. Year of Brazil in France" (AFAA).


Little Lights, 2005
Serie of 4 works (Little Light 1, Little Light 2, Little Light 3 and Little Light 4)
Electric cables, bulbs


Jac Leirner was born in 1961 in São Paulo, Brésil. She lives and works in São Paulo.


- Little Lights, Le Grand Café, Centre d'art contemporain, Saint-Nazaire, France


- Adhesive 44, The Miami Art museum, Miami, USA
- James Dean (and other writings), Galeria Andre Vania, Porto, Portugal


- Adhesivo (Fragile), Galeria Paul Kusseneers, Antwerp, Belgium


- Jac Leirner : Ad Infinitum, Centre Culturel Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


- Cem temas, uma variaçao, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo Brazil
- Hip hop, Centro Universitario Maria Antônia, sao Paulo, Brent Sikkema NYC, New-York, USA


- Voilà, le monde dans la tête, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France
- The marriage of the reason and squalor, The Museum of Modern Art, New-York, USA


- 47e Biennale, Venice, Italy

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