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  • Exhibition from April 8th to June 4th 2006

One could say that Daniel Firman makes a faceless kind of sculpture, inasmuch as its formal aspects and thediscourse developed are particularly mobile. For, essentially, his interest is in precisely that "moving space of artwhich, in his case, begins with the axis of the body of individuals so as to extend itself as far as the outermostreaches of their objective and mental projections (the commodities that model them or normalise them, thememories that constitute them)"

Thus the body casts that he makes are always engaged in a dialogue with the objects and the signs that characterise a contemporary reality: a car, an item of clothing, a computer-generated logo...

Amid this relationship of constant exchange and of reciprocal communication between beings and things,Daniel Firman chooses to bring to the surface the symptoms of a faulty organisation, of a weakness.The exhibition Toucher : coulé extends this preoccupation with previously unseen works, each of which in someway tests the space of the Grand Café. A doubt creeps in: are beings and things in their rightful places?  


Carla, 2006
plaster, clothes, metal bar
Collection of the artist

Jade, 2006
plaster, clothes, metal bar, bus bar
Collection of the artist

Sans titre, 2006
wrecked car
Collection of the artist

Sans titre, 2006
installation, mixed media
Collection of the artist


Luc, 2005
Plaster, clothes
Private collection
Courtesy of Alain Gutharc gallery, Paris

Trafic, 2002
Plaster, clothes, different objects
Collection of Fnac, Paris

Butterfly, 2006
66 fluorescent tubes, cables
Collecrion of the artist
Courtesy of Alain Gutharc gallery, Paris


  • Born in 1966 in Bron.
  • Lives and works in Lyon.


- Le foulard d'Isidora, Centre culturel français de Milan, Italy
- Parcours St. Germain, boutique C. Lacroix, Paris, France


- Fiac 2005, Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris, France
- Push-Pull, École municipale des Beaux-arts/Galerie Edouard Manet, Genevilliers, France


- Danse-le en déflexion, Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris, France
- Co-intégral, Caisse des Monuments historiques du Languedoc-Roussillon, Cité de Carcassonne, Forteresse de Salses, Cité médiévale d'Aigues-Mortes, Frac Languedoc-Roussillon, France
- Autoreverse, Néon, Lyon, France

Daniel Firman is represented by Alain Gutharc gallery, Paris

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