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  • Exhibition from 5th of june to 16 of august 2009 at LiFE.

In the 1970s Anthony McCall, a filmmaker from Britain settled in New York, made a series of films of "solid light" based on simple geometric figures, in particular the cone, drawn directly onto the film stock. His approach presents itself as an act of radicalism towards cinema: moving away from the screen, projecting a cinema-without-image, affirming the phenomenon of projection in and of itself while at the same time reaffirming the ideas of performance and process that underlie cinematic technique.

For Estuaire 2009 Le Grand Café is showing, for the first time in France, a group of "Vertical Works" made digitally between 2005 and 2009. These works explore in a single gesture the combination of drawing with cinema and with sculpture, showing Anthony McCall to be an artist inscribed in current debates surrounding the mutation of art forms. Playing on the architectural properties of the site, its exceptional height in particular, he invites the public to an experience whereby the body, as if absorbed by McCall's films of solid light, can nestle into an immaterial parcel of space. The visitor becomes "spect-actor" of a silent moment, of a sensorial experience as subtle as it is fascinating.


Meeting You HalFway, 2009
projector, computer, QuickTime Movie, fog machine, 15'

Breath III, 2005
projector, numeric file, fog machine, 15'

Between You and I, 2006
two projectors, computer, QuickTime Movie file, two fog machines, 32'

Coupling, 2009
projector, computer, QuickTime Movie, fog machine, 16'


Born in 1946 in St. Paul's Cray, England.
Works and lives in New York.


- Line Describing a Cone, Pompidou Metz, France
- The Vertical Works, Hangar Bicocca, Milan, Italie
- Leaving, Art Unlimited, Basel, Suisse


- Galerie Martine Aboucaya, Paris, France
- Geometry of Motion 1920s/1970s, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA


- Serpentine Gallery, Londres, Angleterre
- Elements pour une Retrospective 51972-1979 / 2003-2007), Musée de Rechechouart, France
- Between You and I, Art Cologne Special Exhibition, Cologne, Allemagne

Anthony McCall is represented by Martine Aboucaya gallery (Paris).

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