Jorge Satorre

The Indirect Gaze
(L'observation indirecte)

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  • Exhibition from june 26th  to august 29th 2010.

Jorge Satorre's way of working, rooted in an evident enjoyment of narrative, comes from historical and oneiric inquiry, detective work and poetic rereading. The artist lays claim to the freshness of the experimental, foregrounding the research process and effort that it involves. His usual modes of presentation (drawings, videos, performances) work by suggestion: tools for recovering a memory rather than faithful documents that would allow an event or the history of a place to be retraced. They function as subjective attempts at interpretation.

As a measure of this desire to elucidate from the inside, Jorge Satorre at times appropriates particular seminal events of the history of art (Chris Burden's performance Shoot, or Gordon Matta Clark's Windows blow out), replaying the action in an unspectacular manner or making himself the obstinate critical interpreter. The artist also revisits a number of local stories on the way to being forgotten. He records the memory of a dying village (Piaxtla, on the Mexican border, in 2009) or an old van that the inhabitants of the Irish island of Sherkin erected as a monument (The Barry's Van Tour, 2007), he sends stones on journeys (The erratic. Measuring compensation, 2009) or decodes their mythical value (My Dolmen, 2007-2008): the artist grasps the impact of recollection (collective or personal) and the construction and fictionalisation of histories. His drawings and films are thus considered as hybrid receptacles, emotionally very highly charged, weighing up the phenomena of migration (of populations, of objects) and mutation (functional and symbolic) that regulate our world.


L'Assemblée, 2010
Series of pedestals for sculptures, granite, linestone from Chauvigny, concrete
Variable dimensions

The Indirect Gaze (L'observation indirecte), 2009-10
Two slideshows (70 and 80 slides looped)

D53 (1918), D53 (2009), 2009
Two black and white photographs printed on baryta paper
32 x 18 cm each

La part maudite illustrée, 2010
90 paintings on wood, offset plates, documentation


My dolmen (Mon dolmen), 2007-8
Two drawings, graphite on paper - each 29,7 x 42 cm
Private collection
Two stones in paper - 37 x 28 cm and 34 x 24 cm
Courtesy Galerie Xippas, Paris

The Erratic. Measuring compensation (L'erratique. La mesure de la compensation), 2009-10
Two drawings
33.5 x 24 cm each
Courtesy of the artist

The Barry's van tour (La ballade de la camionnette de Barry), 2007
Video, eight drawings, two posters, a photo
Collection Frac des Pays de la Loire

The general intention (L'intention général), 2006-9
Framed sheet of paper 21 x 29.5 cm, series of drawings wrapped in an envelope
Private collection


In Saint-Nazaire Jorge Satorre will renew with his 2010 residence and exhibit a particular group of works (drawings, photographs, texts and videos) closely tied to the geographical context and the relationship between the port and its past. The exhibition title, The Indirect Gaze, refers to a term in astronomy: it describes the method used for observing the subtle changes in brightness of exoplanets, objects infinitely distant from our solar system. This could be compared with the method Jorge Satorre has developed in recent years in attempting an interpretation of radically unknown or foreign places, such as Saint-Nazaire appeared to him during his initial visits. The site-specific thought processes of his projects include the revelation of a hidden history, linked to the construction of now-spectral great ocean liners, to the murky fate of civic statuary and to an inventory of the presumed locations of long-lost dolmens in and around Saint-Nazaire.


Born in 1979 in Mexico. 
Works and lives in Paris.
Represented by Galerie Xippas in France.


- Cajasol Grant, Sala Villasin, Séville, Spain


- ARCO Solo Show, Galerie Xippas, Madrid, Spain
- Labor, labor, Galeria Labor, Mexico, Mexico
- Instantané (75) : Plus général en particulier, Frac des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou, France


- The Happy Failure, Galerie Xippas, Paris
- Transpalette, Bourges, France
- Pavillon 7, Palais de Tokyo (Mezzanine), Paris, France


- The Barry's Van Tour, West Cork Arts Center, Skibbereen, Ireland
- The Happy Failure, The process room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland


- Ejercicios, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

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