& Guillaume Désanges

from 10.13.2018 to 01.06.2019
Opening Friday 12th October

First occurrence of the cycle "Fictional Genealogies" proposed by the curator Guillaume Désanges, SPOLIA is an hybrid exhibition between the solo exhibition and the collective exhibition. She unfolds the work of the young duo mountaincutters through a vast sculptural installation that includes new productions and other forms chosen by the curator and the artists echoing their work and the territory of Saint-Nazaire.
The whole therefore makes up a kind of ‘meta exhibition’ or total artwork giving an enlarged understanding of both their work and the ghosts that haunt it.

With : mountaincutters, Etel Adnan, CADA (Colectivo Acciones de Arte), Danièle Allemand et Stéphane Gérard (initiateurs de l'atelier Phénomènes), Manuel Joseph, l'art du Kintsugi (Catherine Algoet/mountaincutters), Moondog, Pier Paolo Pasolini, W.G. Sebald, Richard Serra, Christophe Tarkos.

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photo: mountaincutters, Étude du doute - fruits calcinés, 2018