The Great Escape

Eléonore False
Aurélie Pétrel & Pétrel ǀ Roumagnac (duo)
From 26.10.2019 to 12.01.2020

Opening Friday October, 25th at 6.30pm

In a world where images are now experienced through screens and digital streams, the exhibition L’Echappée belle [The Great Escape] is a parallel presentation of work by two artists who reconsider the potential of the printed or photographic image.
Eléonore False and Aurélie Pétrel play upon fragmentation and reconstruction to create visual setups that engage the viewer in a physical and direct reading of the works. As the image passes from surface to volume and turns to fragments and visual ellipsis, a kind of unresolved narrative framework is produced, waiting to be activated. The artists strategically deploy text/image structure, staging and sequence to serve a playful and poetic reflection on the mutability of images, their relevance or their potential to open onto undefined realities.

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