Countervailing Winds

Working class, student and rural solidarities in the West of France : a genealogy

  • From 26.05.2019 to 29.09.2019
    At Le Grand Café - contemporary art centre
    Opening Friday May, 25th at 6pm

Hosted by Le Grand Café, the exhibition Contre-vents [Countervailing Winds] opens up an undisclosed chapter in the social and political history of Brittany region and the West of France. It focuses on the countercultures* and the forms of action that appeared during struggles around Saint-Nazaire from 1968 to the present day. Taking a range of graphic, filmic or literary documents – among other sources – as a starting point, the exhibition brings a new perspective on the connections between artistic gestures and militant actions.

* the term ‘countercultures’ designates popular, alternative, anti-establishment movements that question the values disseminated by official culture.

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image : The Duck flying against the Wind, silkscreened poster,
La Tribu, Saint-Nazaire, 1976
Courtesy La Parole Errante, Montreuil, France